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Born and raised in west Salt Lake County, Magna to be specific, I was raised in a household of seven children. West Salt Lake County was considered a rural community then, cattle pastures, farms and farm land were the norm. Over the years I have watched the fields disappear and what I miss the most is watching the pheasants as they nest and raise their young in the open land along U201.

Webster, Magna, Brockbank and Cyprus were the schools of my youth. Great teachers and counselors taught me the value of a quality education and I enjoyed my years in the public school.

I married my high school sweetheart. Carl Duckworth and together we have four children. Melissa Mortenson, Brock Duckworth, Tristan Duckworth and Kellen Barton. Our children have been the light of our lives and we have become loving, patient and very happy that we have them here in Utah with us. Blessed with ten grand children and having the opportunity to play, teach and help rear them with high morals and good values give us more pleasure than we could have ever imagined. Three of our children live here in the valley and are all actively involved in the life of campaigning. Our youngest is stationed in Bamberg, Germany with her husband as he is actively serving our country in the Army and will soon be deployed to Afganistan.

I watched my mother became involved in local and state politics while I was an adolescent. Then while serving as an “apprentice” in the State Legislature during Carl’s service as our state representative for ten years, I loved being part of the process, watching the floor debates, and getting involved with state and community advocates. I became aware through this experience that one voice can make a difference.