Get Involved

Without your help, it would be an overwhelming task to reach out to the over 6,500 people that live in House District 22. Your willingness to reach out and talk to your neighbors and friends, is what will make the difference this November. Whether you have lots of free time, or very little, we have opportunities for you to get involved.


Placing a Sue Duckworth sign in your front yard is a great way to let your friends and neighbors know about our campaign. And it's so easy to do. Just fill out the online form to make sure you receive a sign.


Opening your home to friends and neighbors gives them an opportunity to discuss the issues with Sue in a comfortable setting. We will help you throughout the process; from sending invitations to helping you at the event. (Though campaign contributions are always welcome, we are not using house parties as fund raising events)


Do you like to talk to people on the phone or face to face? Perhaps you enjoy data entry or would like to deliver yard signs. Whether you want to help out at a street fair or assist the hosts at a house party, we have many ways for you to help make sure Sue Duckworth continues to represent House District 22.


I want to endorse Sue Duckworth
I want to host an event
I want a yard sign
I want to volunteer

Help Sue get the word out!

Your donations will provide for the campaign:

Lawn Signs $5
T-Shirt $10
100 Buttons $25
20 Brochures Mailed $50
10% Cost of a Billboard $100