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Living in Magna for 53 years, I believe I have an idea of the what is going on in our community. There are so many issues facing the legislature today and where to begin becomes a different priority for every single voter in our state. I believe living in Magna for 53 years allows me the opportunity of knowing, seeing and hearing the needs and issues in District 22.

I feel our students deserve to be in classrooms with no more that 25 students. Our teachers are inventive and resourceful because they have been required to do more with less and for decades they have succeeded at every level in doing just that. Funding education requiring smaller class sizes should be a priority. Ensuring that current technology equipment and supplies are provided as needed in each school is vital to avail our children the best education.

Crime and illegal immigration go hand in hand these days. The Department of Public Safety is doing an excellent job with the limited resources they have been given. I have had the opportunity of a ride along with one of our State Troopers and saw first hand what one of their days entails. Click here to read about my experience on the ride-along. Once again we are asking employees of public safety to do the more with less.

Immigration is the hot button topic in our state. There has been legislation written regarding this issue. Both sides of the problem are being addressed and it will be a long and tedious process before the actual laws are before us. There must be a change to the status quo. Just what that will be is yet to be seen. Citizens of our state are being denied benefits because of lack of funding. Changing the constitution is not the answer. We must address this here in the state.

The Unified Police Department fee was something that many of us did not understand or think was necessary. We pay, some under protest. The fee was not established as a permanent fee and I will work closely with County Government and officials and hold them to that.

Redistricting is something that happens every ten years after the Census is taken. Keeping my communities intact and whole is a very important issue coming up in the next year. The Fair Boundaries Campaign was dedicated to ensuring that gerrymandering would be a thing of the past. During the next census which seem like a long time away, Fair Boundaries will be out and collecting signatures again because this is problem in our state. As a legislator, and as the new boundaries are drawn, and I will work with all my heart to keep the community of Magna together and prevent the fiasco that faces Tooele as their city is divided into four Senate Districts.

I believe we have an obligation to our seniors. They built the communities of Magna, Hunter, Granger, (West Valley City) and Kearns with decades of hard work and dedication. We have enjoyed the small town way of life because of them. Unlike my opponent, I believe our seniors greatly deserve the new Magna Kennecott Senior Center that was built by county tax dollars that we pay. Any improvement to our community benefits us as a community, so just because we may not be 55 years old, our town is a better place because of this beautiful and resourceful Senior Center.

The west side of Salt Lake County has grown immensely over the past 15 years. Our population has skyrocketed and infrastructure is not keeping up with growth. I will do everything I can to see west side projects such as transportation, new schools, and public services continue to be on the working list for the respective departments and committees.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to represent you at the Utah State Capital and ask you for the privilege to continue to represent you.

These are a few of my views. This page will be updated regularly. For an example of my performance at the Legislature, please visit this link to view the bills I have sponsored and cosponsored.

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